Different types of Drawings

Though majority of the types of drawings tend to make use of human figures, there are also a huge number of drawings that are made using other forms of Nature as well as abstract drawings. Let us now see some different types of drawings.

Portraits: These have been used as form of human replication on paper since ages ago. Back then, the concept of cameras or photographs was not as proficient as it is today. And so a portrait drawing would typically include three quarters of the profile of a person who would sit in front of the artist, as the artist sketched out the image.

Landscape: This is yet another acceptable and popular form of drawing. It is now an accepted form of standalone drawing; however landscapes for a very long time were not recognized as a separate form of drawing. It is a replication of nature as one sees it. A landscape may or may not include human images but will always having components of nature, like perhaps a scene including mountains, rivers, skies, trees etc.

Figurative Genre Works

This is yet another form of drawing; here one may see components of human figures as well as a concept of a landscape. The concentration is not on the nature or the human images, but in fact is on the action that is taking place in the image. It could be the representation of a form of dance or a representation of an ongoing event.

Still Lifes: As the name suggests, a still life drawing is about a stationary object rather than a human or any movable object. It could be a representation of the flowers of Amsterdam or a simple box sitting on a table.

Fantasy Drawings: These images are the ones depicting imaginary, hypothetical, or surreal themes. It could be an exploration of the artist or a representation of some hypothetical creatures or concepts like a dragon, fairies etc.

Caricatures: This is yet another form of drawing that includes human images. However, here the stress is not on replication or perfection. In fact it is more about exaggerating the human features or traits that help to create a powerfully suggestive image. One could include a comical dimension to the image as well.